About Us

Heya from Viernes!

Born in Italy, raised in Southern California, Viernes is a Milan based company connecting dots.  We are a young and passionate team with a grasp on eyewear, driven by the stylish touch of the italian fashion capital, and inspired by the freedom of the American ocean and the Mexican desert: where the two worlds collide.
After a long time in the eyewear business, we decided to shuffle the cards and deal them ourselves. Being “insiders” we learned to make, sell and market some prime quality glasses, and we’ve been doing that for a while. But we understood there was some room for improvement: by reducing the price of high quality products, we wanted to make quality sunglasses that were affordable to everyone! So we decided to do something with this idea, and that’s how Viernes came about. In the end we kept it simple: keep product quality at very high standards by using superior suppliers, like any major brand, but we changed the distribution practice. By changing the distribution chain and charging only ethical margins, consumers can now afford to purchase nice protective products at a fair price.
But don't be mistaken. Even if they are affordable (so if you lose them you don’t need to worry about your wallet), our products are qualitative and trustworthy, because we care: all our lenses are polarised and use quality filters to guarantee perfect vision and protection, and our frames are made to fit your face perfectly by using only high quality plastics and easy to wear shapes. Check out our features page if you want to know more.

Protect your eyes in style, anywhere and anytime: that's what Viernes is all about.