Guess you might have wondered why buying Viernes is a good idea. Well, this is where you find an answer to that question. Have a look.

Ride safe and see better: Polarized filters.
Glare is caused by light reflected off a smooth shiny surface: it can block vision, produces squinting (...and wrinkles in the long term!), diminishes contrast, and fatigues the eye. That's why eliminating glare is important, especially while doing sports - or even when driving. All Viernes Sunglasses mount Polarized filters that eliminate glare, guaranteeing maximum visual performance.
Styled in Italy with love.
It's not by chance that 90% of all glasses on the market are designed in Italy: a good design requires creativity and technical expertise, two areas where Italian eyewear designers excel. All Viernes Sunglasses are designed with love by young Italian designers, guaranteeing fashionable and easy to wear styles.
Quality acetate frames for a perfect fit.
Our frames are made with cellulose acetate, a biological plastic that is used to produce the most qualitative premium glasses in the world. It’s environmental friendly, hypoallergenic, and can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit: simply heat up the ends and mold them to fit your head.
Premium quality, at accessible prices.
All Viernes Sunglasses are produced in the best factories and use top quality lenses - just like those fancy brands you can find in at an optometrist - but at an accessible price. How you ask? Simply by cutting distribution costs and reducing our margins at ethical levels.
Safety first: our premium CR 39 lenses.
While good quality sunglasses are available in all lenses materials, most outdoor activities (such as biking, motorcycling, skiing, beach volley, ...) require the best impact resistance. Crystal lenses might break and damage your eyes, that's why all Viernes Sunglasses' are made of strong, durable CR 39 plastic: also known as "organic glass" or "hard resin", it’s virtually unbreakable and much lighter than glass.
Total protection: we filter all Ultraviolet & Infrared lights.
A & B UV and Infrared lights are all invisible, but they can all indeed harm your eyes. Viernes sunglasses block all A & B UV rays through high quality filters, and use mirror coatings to guarantee full Infrared protection.
See perfectly: full contrast enhancement.
One of the most overlooked characteristics of quality lenses is the ability to improve visual performance by enhancing contrast sensitivity - the ability to distinguish between an object and its background. Through the use of color filters, Viernes Sunglasses guarantee great contrast, and a better vision.
Scratch, Reflection and Water free: our quality coatings.
All Viernes Sunglasses have multiple coatings, to guarantee performance in different environments, and durability: anti-scratch, anti-reflection (to improve optical comfort in specific conditions such as driving with lateral/back sunlight), oleophobic and hydrophobic (repels oil and water droplets, preventing water collecting and preserving clarity of vision).